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like vines we intertwined

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i am a straight, bleeding heart liberal whose best skill is cake-cutting.

i have a boyfriend. if you read my journal you will notice i complain about him a LOT.

INTERESTS: I'm really into graphic design and fashion. I am never without my
camera, I fix people's outfits in my head in a very vain way, I enjoy looking at
Hello Kitty products, and I have a mild interested in furniture/interior design. I think
it would be cool to own a nightclub one day. A recent cell-phone crisis has spurred my
interested in designing usable interfaces. Typefaces are sexy. I collect catalogs and
magazine cut-outs. When I have nothing else to do at home (which is often), I make
collages out of them hoping that one day they will be worth something. My rooms are
always covered in poster and in a very superficial way reflect my personality.
Heroes, Veronica Mars, and Roswell are my true television loves, your music
probably sucks, and Radiohead is the best band in the world. I like sarcasm! :D